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Best Ten Celebrity Meltdowns, Scandals, And Oddities Of The Decade

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celebrity scandals of 2013Where do we start off? There have been so many celebrity scandals more than the last decade that it is nigh impossible to start. Immediately a glut of names flood my brain- Hugh Grant, Britney, Michael Jackson and of course, very good old George Michael who can always be relied on time and time once more to result in us celeb watchers to suck in our cheeks, shake our heads and tut “Well, I never ever.”

Murder & mayhem. Cheating, lies and dirty divorces. Sex tapes and sex alterations. From Hollywood to the White Property, The National Enquirer has brought America the blockbuster stories of the decade. In this 84-page Collector's problem, the editors of The National Enquirer chose the shocking stories and candid pictures that have captivated readers for the previous 10 years. Don't miss this specific issue! View back troubles Even New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's admission that he sent nude photographs of himself to young girls he met online – right after he resigned from Congress for doing just that - failed to rouse the public's interest. Forty-1 % paid a excellent deal or some focus to Weiner's drama. 2014 Clear Channel Media and Entertainment

In 2011, former New York Giants linebacker, Lawrence Taylor, was declared a level 1 sex offender. Offenders in this category are regarded low-risk, and they are not essential to have their photographs posted on the on the internet sex offender registry. Taylor was initially deemed a level 2 offender following pleading guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute, but his defense attorneys have been profitable in acquiring his punishment decreased. This athlete sex offender was also sentenced to six years probation. 12. Jerry Sandusky

In a lawsuit filed on Friday in Los Angeles, Catherine "Taryn" Hillin asserted that she was "routinely yelled at and humiliated" by her boss, Eric Rosenblum According to the Hollywood Reporter , she also claims that the work environment was a "boys' club," which gave much better assignments to her male co-workers. Hillin, who stated she was the only female writer on the staff in 2012, reported that Rosenblumissues such as "you are f-ing shit" and "never be a girl." In addition, the suit alleges that Hillin was passed over for plum writing assignments and routinely taken off projects simply because of her gender. a b c d e f g h i j Ogunnaike, Lola (March 19, 2006). "Sex, Lawsuits and Celebrities Caught on Tape" The New York Times Retrieved 3 March 2014

However, Michael had his day in court in 2005 when another allegation of kid molestation created by minor Gavin Arviso he was refuted. His career, at least till his death, did not recover even so. The harm was completed and some may miranda cosgrove porn argue that it was this that led to the other scandal involving Mr Jackson- his addiction to dangerous painkillers and the ease of which he was capable to acquire them. LA, huh? It appears to be the hub of all scandals. The female of the species becoming no exception.
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